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Certified Services

At A Step In Time, we offer a wide variety of specific services under the umbrella of chimney cleaning, maintenance, and repair in order to fulfill all of our clients chimney sweeping needs.

Chimney Inspection

Getting your chimney inspected regularly is vital to ensuring that there are no problems with your chimney. Problems that pose a danger to your home and family and need to be fixed as quickly as possible. Our standard chimney inspection is a basic package that includes a rooftop inspection if possible.

Chimney Sweeping

Our separate chimney sweeping service, which is includes a standard chimney inspection, is extremely thorough and effective. Our technicians take care to ensure that they do not leave a mess behind in your home and use drop cloths and vacuums to remove any dust or debris caused by the cleaning process before they leave. The price and the technique we will use for your specific chimney cleaning varies depending on your chimney construction and your roof style.

Wood Stove Insert

If you have a wood stove insert in your chimney, your services will cost an extra one hundred dollars. This additional cost is due to the increased difficulty of sweeping or inspecting a chimney that includes a wood stove insert. Wood stove inserts are extremely heavy and require extra time and effort to move. However, if you have a properly lined wood stove insert that does not require movement to reach the chimney and clean it, you will not have to pay the additional cost.

Free Standing Wood Stove

If you have a free standing wood stove, an additional fifty-dollar fee will be added to the cost of your services. Free standing wood stoves are less difficult to sweep than wood stove inserts, but they still require disconnection in order to reach the chimney, which necessitates extra time and effort on the part of our technicians. If, however, you have a free standing wood stove that does not interfere with reaching your chimney, you will not be charged an additional fee.

Dryer Vent Cleaning

It is vital to get your dryer vent cleaned regularly in order to minimize the risk of a home fire and help your dryer function to dry your clothes more quickly and effectively. Our dryer vent cleaning service begins at one hundred ninety-nine dollars. It is a very thorough process that involves cleaning your entire dryer vent line that threads through your walls and ceiling.

Chimney repair

If your chimney is broken, chipped, leaking, or has some other sort of problem that requires a repair, we here at A Step In Time can fix it. Our chimney repair services include a one-year labor warranty and a ten-year to lifetime warranty on products used in the repair.

Stainless Steel Chimney Liner installation

Along with our various other chimney services, we offer stainless steel chimney liner installation because we believe that stainless steel is by far the best choice when it comes to liner material for chimneys. Stainless steel chimney liners handle high levels of heat far more efficiently than liners made of other materials, such as terra cotta tile. Most of the stainless steel chimney liners we install come with a lifetime warranty.

Structural Engineering inspections and design

The founder and current owner of A Step In Time, Ray Gessner, is a skilled and knowledgeable certified engineer. He has a focus in structural engineering and a masters degree in civil engineering. Ray is currently licensed in the state of Virginia as a professional engineer and contractor. Every chimney and every home that our technicians at A Step In Time work with are slightly different. Ray Gessner is always available to help offer advice and assistance to our technicians in order to help them determine the best, most thorough and long-lasting course of action to take when cleaning, repairing, or maintaining a chimney.

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